School of Statistics

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About us

School of Statistics was founded in 2015, on the basis of Teaching and Research Section of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics which was originally established in 1955. At present, we have a teaching staff of 27 members, who are of high quality and diligence in teaching and researching. Most of our teachers, graduating from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nankai University, Shandong University, Central South University and other prestigious universities, hold doctoral degrees. Currently nearly 800 students are on campus, including 18 postdoctoral students,16 doctoral students, 76 postgraduates, and 667 undergraduates. 

We have a postdoctoral research station of Statistics, one of the two statistical postdoctoral research stations in Shandong Province. We have first level discipline authorized to offer doctorate degree in Statistics, one of the earliest two ones in Shandong Province, the fifth one in QFNU; we have first level discipline authorized to offer master degree in Statistics; we have second level discipline authorized to offer master degree in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics and Applied Statistics; and we also have BSc programs in Statistics and Applied Statistics. Therefore, we now have a comprehensive personnel training system from BSc to PhD.

In 2016, our Mathematics discipline, together with School of Mathematics, was selected as first-rate disciplines of Shandong Province. In the same year, a laboratory--Network Computing and Big Data Technology Laboratory--jointly established by us and School of Information Science and Engineering was awarded the title of Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Key University Laboratory of Shandong Province. Since 2017, Statistics and Applied Statistics have been ranked as high-level application-oriented discipline of Shandong Province. In the forth discipline evaluation organized by Ministry of Education of China, Statistics was rated as “B-”, ranked 37th among 120 colleges and universities, increased by 17 places from the last evaluation. And Statistics in our school ranked 2nd in Shandong Province, following Shandong University, and was nationwide in the 6th place among normal colleges and universities.


Undergraduate enrollment started from 2003, with Statistics as feature specialty. Our undergraduates have a solid mathematics foundation and essential knowledge for data collection, data modelling and data analysis and 40% of them are able to continue postgraduate study. Students with a BSc degree in Statistics and Applied Statistics can obtain positions in government agencies and private industries to do statistical survey and data analysis as well can pursue postgraduate study in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics and Finance and so on, and can also research or teach in research sections or schools.


We pay much attention to develop postgraduates’ ability of research. We now have 6 doctoral supervisors, and 14 master supervisors; we have 92 doctoral and master students in total. And in recent 3 years, altogether 12 students obtained opportunities to pursue doctoral study.

We are now faithfully inviting academic leaders, professors and doctors at home and abroad to join us.

Contact information

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Email: qfnutjxy@163.com

Faculty and Staff

2017 Workshop on Mathematical Finance and Financial Data Processing, held on 31 March, 2017

2017 Workshop on Mathematical Finance and Financial Data Processing, held on 31 March, 2017

2016 National Symposium on experimental design and Its Applications, held on 5 November, 2016

The comprehensive cooperation singing ceremony between School of Statistics of Qufu Normal University and Statistics Bureau of Jining

The plate awarding ceremony for the establishment of the Teaching Practice Base

The ceremony for the 8th Statistical Open Day and the launching of the Statistic Cloud